Guidelines to Effectively Use a Fume Hood

Guidelines to Effectively Use a Fume Hood

Fume hoods are a safety device used by laboratory professionals to complete complex tasks with hazardous materials. Here are some guidelines to effectively use a fume hood.

Qualified Equipment for the Cannabis Industry

Qualified Equipment for the Cannabis Industry

As state laws change, the cannabis industry is seeing exponential growth. National Laboratory Sales has qualified fume hoods and laboratory equipment for those in this industry.

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When is it Time to Upgrade Your Fume Hood?

Fume hoods don’t last forever, but there always comes a time for an upgrade. Here are a few instances when you need to consider upgrading your fume hood.

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Saving Energy with your Fume Hood

A fume hood uses a lot of energy–as much as three American houses in a given year. What can be done to maintain safety standards for lab workers while also focusing on energy conservation?

Why is it Important to Work in a Fume Hood?

A fume hood is an essential piece of equipment found in most laboratories. But why? Learn why fume hoods are an essential piece of laboratory furniture.

History of the Fume Hood

Take a look back at the origination of the fume hood. Two historical figures had a big part in its invention.