what size fume hood do I need?

What Size Fume Hood Do I Need?

While designing the layout of your laboratory, you will need to plan for the placement of the fume hood. A successful laboratory layout will promote the use of laboratory space while ensuring safe working conditions for laboratory personnel. 

a guide to laboratory etiquette

A Guide To Laboratory Etiquette

Working in a laboratory is important and essential work. However, it can also be dangerous if you don’t follow proper lab etiquette.

when is it time to get a new fume hood

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Fume Hood?

Fume hoods don’t last forever, but there always comes a time for an upgrade. Here are a few instances when you need to consider upgrading your fume hood.

what is a fume hood sash

What Is A Fume Hood Sash?

The sash refers to the front window or “door” of a fume hood. The glass window slides open and closed, allowing access to the workstation. The sash window provides both containment and protection from hazardous materials.

How To Use A Fume Hood

How To Use A Fume Hood

In order for fume hoods to provide protection, users must follow basic safety practices. No matter how well a fume hood is designed, it won’t be effective unless proper laboratory safety measures are taken. 

Why You Should Work In A Fume Hood

Why Is It Important To Work In A Fume Hood?

A fume hood is an essential piece of equipment found in most laboratories. But why? Learn why fume hoods are an essential piece of laboratory furniture.

conserve energy in your laboratory

How To Conserve The Most Energy With Your Fume Hood

A fume hood uses a lot of energy–as much as three American houses in a given year. What can be done to maintain safety standards for lab workers while also focusing on energy conservation?

National Laboratory Sales Fume Hood

Fume Hood Maintenance

As with all other equipment, it’s important to make sure that you maintain your fume hood. Your safety, and the safety of those around you, is dependent on it functioning properly. 

fume hood face velocity

What Is The Importance Of Fume Hood Face Velocity?

Airspeed that is too high or too low can compromise the performance of the fume hood, leaving those near the hood in danger. Let’s explore the importance of fume hood face velocity.

Fume hood vs laminar flow hood

Fume Hood vs Flow Hood

Fume hood, flow hood. Flow hood, fume hood. What is the difference between the two and what purposes do they serve?

Microbiologist working in a fume hood.

How To Ergonomically Use A Fume Hood

Employers have significant costs related to employee injuries every year. What can be done to reduce the chance of injury and make working at a fume hood much more friendly to one’s health?

Power Plant | What voltage does a fume hood require?

What Voltage Does A Fume Hood Require?

A fume hood is essentially an appliance for your laboratory. But, do fume hoods have special voltage requirements like some everyday appliances?