Fume Hoods in Lab Safety

The Impact of Fume Hoods on the Health and Well-Being of Lab Workers

Fume hoods play a big part in keeping lab personnel safe from the health effects and dangers associated with lab work. But it’s also important to know the signs of chemical exposure and the preventive measures that can be used alongside fume hoods. By understanding these aspects, lab workers can better protect their health and create a safer work environment.

Chemical Safety in Laboratories

Chemical Safety in Laboratories: Best Practices for Handling and Storage to Ensure Personnel Safety and Prevent Accidents

Chemicals are essential in any laboratory. It’s important to handle these substances with care.

Can a fume hood be used as a biosafety cabinet?

Can a Fume Hood be Used as a Biosafety Cabinet?

While they may seem similar, they serve different functions and it is important to understand the difference between them. This article will explore the question: Can a fume hood be used as a biosafety cabinet?

Do Fume Hoods Have HEPA Filters?

The primary purpose of a fume hood is to provide protection to lab workers while working with toxic fumes, gases, and chemicals by filtering the air inside the laboratory. But how exactly do fume hoods achieve that? Do fume hoods have HEPA filters? 

things that affect longevity of a fume hood

Four Factors That Affect A Fume Hood’s Longevity

While there are many things that can affect the longevity of your fume hood, we’ll address some of the critical things you’ll want to be aware of in order to ensure your fume hood lasts as long as possible.

What is a Flow Hood

What is a Flow Hood?

Working in a laboratory requires being aware of which type of equipment is required for keeping the environment safe while working with hazardous materials. If your lab is at risk of particulate contamination of materials, a laminar flow hood, also known as a clean bench or LFH, may be necessary.

Are Fume Hoods Necessary?

A fume hood is an important part of any laboratory that works with harmful particles, vapors, or chemicals. Fume hoods limit exposure to toxic gasses by pushing the contaminated air outside or filtering the particles through a filter and recirculating clean back into the laboratory.

Cleaning a fume hood

How To Clean A Fume Hood: Discover The Best Materials For Each Surface

Working in a laboratory usually involves hazardous chemicals and materials. Like any equipment, fume hoods need regular cleaning to keep them in good condition.

Ventilation for jewelry-making labs

Ventilating Your Jewelry-Making Lab

While jewelry-making may seem like a low-risk activity, it actually involves dangerous chemicals and acid-rich materials. Jewelry makers who utilize silver soldering, welding, epoxy resins, solvents, sanding, polishing chemicals…

How Much Does A Fume Hood Cost?

The cost of a fume hood can be difficult to obtain and pinpointing an exact price can be nearly impossible with some manufacturers. Here is what you need to know when it comes to fume hood pricing.

types of fume hoods

Different Types Of Fume Hoods

Whether you work on personal projects or in a lab, it’s important to determine what type of fume hood you should invest in.

fume hood mistakes

Avoid These Four Common Fume Hood Mistakes

Fume hoods are effective safety devices when used correctly. However, no matter how well a hood is designed, it won’t be effective unless proper laboratory safety measures are taken.