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How To Conserve The Most Energy With Your Fume Hood

A fume hood uses a lot of energy–as much as three American houses in a given year. What can be done to maintain safety standards for lab workers while also focusing on energy conservation?

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Different Types Of Fume Hoods

If you work with chemicals, it’s important that you invest in a ventilation system to keep toxic fumes out of the air. Fume hoods are necessary when working with gases, vapors or dust that are hazardous in the event of exposure. They protect you from breathing in particles that can lodge in the lungs or […]

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Fume Hood Maintenance

Fume hoods are meant to be used in instances in which there may be toxic or explosive materials present. According to The University of Missouri, a fume hood is one of the most important used and abused hazard control devices.    The combined use of safety glasses, gloves, smocks, good safety practices, and a fume […]

What Is The Importance Of Fume Hood Face Velocity?

Airspeed that is too high or too low can compromise the performance of the fume hood, leaving those near the hood in danger. Let’s explore the importance of fume hood face velocity.

Fume hood vs laminar flow hood

Fume Hood vs Flow Hood

Fume hood, flow hood. Flow hood, fume hood. What is the difference between the two and what purposes do they serve?

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How To Ergonomically Use A Fume Hood

Employers have significant costs related to employee injuries every year. What can be done to reduce the chance of injury and make working at a fume hood much more friendly to one’s health?

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What Voltage Does A Fume Hood Require?

A fume hood is essentially an appliance for your laboratory. But, do fume hoods have special voltage requirements like some everyday appliances?

Laboratory Furniture Materials

Laboratory Furniture Materials–Which One Is For You?

Every laboratory has furniture, but furniture can come in many different types which affects its durability and effectiveness. Be sure to select the right furniture for your unique environment.


How Often Should A Fume Hood Be Inspected?

Fume hoods serve a critical role, protecting users from harmful vapors and chemicals. But how often should a fume hood be inspected to ensure safety?

How Does A Fume Hood Work?

As the most important appliance in a laboratory, fume hoods serve a critical role. But exactly how does a fume hood work? How does it keep people safe?

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Lab Design Basics For Fume Hoods

There is a lot that goes into designing a laboratory, especially when a fume hood is involved. Be sure to think it through and do it right.

Fume Hoods And Biosafety Equipment: What Is The Difference?

Fume hoods and Biosafety Cabinets are specialized types of laboratory equipment. They both look similar and they both protect lab personnel from hazards. But differences exist when it comes to their purpose, function, and operation.