Accessories for Laboratory Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods are critical for maintaining a secure and controlled environment in scientific research. They act as protective barriers, keeping researchers safe from hazardous materials and fumes during experiments. If you want to enhance your laboratory workspace, ensuring not only safety but also efficiency and advancement, it’s time to explore the variety of accessories that can increase the functionality of these hoods.


Quality lighting is a basic requirement for lab work. Fume hoods typically come equipped with energy-efficient LED lights, ensuring clear visibility while also being environmentally friendly. This kind of lighting not only aids in performing tasks safely but also contributes to the precision of experiments. Plus, it’s a win-win situation since it helps reduce energy consumption, promoting cost savings and sustainability in the lab.

Gas Valves

Gas valves hold a vital role in laboratories. They provide precise control over gas flow, ensuring experiments are both safe and accurate. This is especially important in laboratories where potentially hazardous gases are in use. Gas valves also work to prevent leaks, keeping the laboratory environment secure and well-regulated. Overall, gas valves serve as safety measures, guaranteeing a controlled and secure laboratory setting for experiments.


In certain scientific experiments, there’s a need to work with wet materials, similar to having a sink in your kitchen for cleaning dishes. Fume hoods with sinks and user-friendly faucets are like having a mini lab kitchen for these tasks.

These integrated sinks simplify various jobs, such as rinsing glassware and handling solutions with water. Instead of going back and forth to a separate sink, everything can be done right within the fume hood. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of spills or accidents, making your work more efficient and secure. It’s a practical solution for managing liquid-related tasks in the lab.


In laboratory settings, a stable power supply is necessary for the smooth operation of equipment and experiments. Including electrical outlets within fume hoods is extremely convenient because they provide a direct source of power where it’s needed most.

Outlets simplify the use of laboratory equipment such as stirrers and hot plates. Plugging your devices directly into the fume hood eliminates the need for a cluster of cords and extension cables. This not only reduces workspace clutter but also enhances safety by minimizing tripping hazards and maintaining a well-organized environment for your experiments.


In laboratory experiments, achieving precise control over liquid flow is a critical necessity. Fume hood faucets play an important role in making this possible, particularly when dealing with various liquids or chemicals. They act as the control centers, enhancing efficiency and safety by minimizing the likelihood of spills and accidents and creating an ideal environment for smooth and secure experimentation.

Tissue Screen Kits

These screens are cleverly designed to be mounted behind the baffles of a chemical fume hood. Their purpose is to catch small items like tissue wipers and other loose materials that could get carried away by the airflow. The screens ensure that no tiny bits escape and potentially cause a mess or contamination. They act as a safety measure, keeping everything within the fume hood’s controlled environment.

Distillation Grids

These kits allow you to smartly attach glassware and small tools at the back of the fume hood, right above your work area. This smart setup makes the most of your available space, turning it into a versatile spot for all your experiments. It’s like having an extra storage area in your fume hood, so you can keep things organized and have more room for your work. It not only makes your lab work more efficient but also helps keep things safe and within easy reach.

Sash Stops

Sash stops are built into fume hoods and act as safety measures, restricting how far the sash of fume hoods with vertical-rising sashes may be opened. This limits your exposure to harmful substances or fumes, creating a secure working environment. Sash stops provide an extra layer of protection, allowing you to work without worry, knowing that your safety is a top priority. 

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is not just a safety tool, it’s a lifeline in case of a fire emergency. Fire extinguishers are designed to be user-friendly and effective, ready to tackle any fire hazards. They come in different types to handle various types of fires, so you have the right tool for the job. Having a fire extinguisher within reach is like having a safety backup, ready to protect you and your lab from unexpected fires. It’s a symbol of proactive safety, ensuring you’re prepared for any fire-related challenges that might come your way.


Safety alarms within the fume hood serve as early warning systems. They detect issues like dangerous gases or problems with airflow and sound alarms. This prompts swift action to protect researchers and maintain experiment integrity. Safety is always a top priority in the laboratory.

Ductless Filtration System: Clean Air Solution

A ductless filtration system is a valuable addition to your laboratory fume hood. This system captures and filters harmful fumes and particles, ensuring that the air in your workspace remains clean and safe. This is particularly important in situations where traditional ductwork is not available. It contributes to maintaining a healthy working environment.

Data Logging and Remote Monitoring: Smart Insights

Data logging and remote monitoring systems provide real-time information on airflow, temperature, and gas levels. This not only enhances safety but also offers more control over your experiments. It enables you to keep a close eye on conditions within the fume hood, even from a distance, ensuring the well-being of researchers and the success of your work.

Unlocking Lab Efficiency and Safety with Key Accessories

By equipping your laboratory fume hood with these essential accessories, you can significantly improve safety, efficiency, and precision in your experiments. Each accessory serves a specific purpose, making your workspace more convenient and secure. When considering the needs of your research, these accessories can help create an environment that maximizes the potential of your fume hood, ensuring that your experiments are conducted with the utmost care and accuracy.

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