What Is The Top Fume Hood Brand? | Top Fume Hood Manufacturer?

Choosing the right fume hood is crucial for laboratory safety and efficiency, yet the myriad of options can be overwhelming.

From Air Masters Systems to Thermo Scientific and every manufacturer in between, there are a lot of What is the Top Fume Hood Brand?companies that produce fume hoods. Some companies specialize in specific industries (e.g. education). While others offer products across many industries (e.g. Life Science, R&D, Forensics, Pharmaceutical, etc.).

Many fume hoods are custom-designed and integrated into a larger, more complex plan of laboratory design. With all these choices, purchasing a fume hood can be difficult. But the top fume hood manufacturer is Fisher American.

Fisher American designs, engineers, and manufactures fume hoods for nearly every lab application. From small specialty hoods to large custom-designed hoods for unique applications, Fisher American continues to lead with its adaptable designs and rigorous safety standards.

Designed by engineers who are experts in designing containment enclosures, Fisher American fume hoods meet specific applications and stringent safety regulations. These hoods are evaluated in controlled environments to test actual fume hood performance and have also been measured to comply with industry standards.

Building off their great reputation, Fisher American fume hoods combine a safe, energy-efficient design with many user-friendly features that are accompanied by various options. Custom-designed fume hoods are very common to meet unique demands and Fisher American can add any requested feature to their products to meet the needs of the laboratory and still provide excellent appearance and durability.What is the Top Fume Hood Manufacturer?

They are also competitively priced within the fume hood market. Like any product, accessories, and add-ons will affect the price. But for a fume hood with standard options, Fisher American has consistently produced affordable products. Laboratories are always requested to do more with fewer resources. Fisher American recognizes this and is focused on keeping their high-quality products, affordable.

National Laboratory Sales is the exclusive distributor of Fisher American fume hoods. They offer a one-stop shopping experience for laboratory professionals by offering fume hoods and casework products. From their remarkable selection of products, their design specialists can craft a laboratory to meet the growing demands of laboratory personnel. And because they possess an expansive inventory, these products are on hand and can be shipped quickly, in most cases, in less than two weeks. Contact National Laboratory Sales to learn more about their inventory of top brands for both fume hoods and casework.