Custom Configurations

Custom Configurations that Work for You

National Laboratory Sales specializes in the design of custom laboratory configurations. We have hundreds of fume hoods and cabinets to choose from and in any size.  With a little information, we will find the right combination of equipment to fit within in your laboratory space.

Lab Designers
Our experienced lab design specialists are available during every stage of your project. We begin with an initial consultation to address your needs, hear your goals, and understand any limitations of the project. We source proper-sized products from our warehouse to fit within your available space and create a laboratory that you’ll be proud of. Our innovative design solutions will match any room size with the desired equipment.

Top Brands
We work with top brands–Fisher American for new, and Labconco, Fisher Hamilton, Mott, Captair Flex, Bedcolab, Hemco for used– all to provide you with the quality you expect while working in your laboratory. With the widest range of styles, these premiere products are all on-site in our 155,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Instead of sourcing a cabinet from one company, a fume hood from another, and an eyewash station from another, we provide a unique one-stop-shop experience for your laboratory furniture needs.

Just Numbers
If you aren’t sure where to start but know the measurements of your laboratory, send us those. We can provide the furniture to fit the room exactly as needed. Our initial proposal will be a starting point to address other needs that you may have (e.g. wash stations, fume hoods, sinks, faucets, etc.). Then with your input, we’ll deliberately craft a room that meets your needs and create the laboratory you’ve always wanted.

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Custom Laboratory Cabinet Configurations
Fume Hoods of all sizes are in stock and we can expedite the shipping process.