Custom Configurations

Custom Laboratory Configurations that Work for You

If you are uncertain of what you need, a custom configuration is right for you. Laboratory Sketch for Laboratory Cabinets

How Do Custom Configurations Work?

It’s simple. Find your favorite pencil/pen and sketch out your room. We don’t need room dimensions, but we do need to know what size cabinets you would like. If you want to get really fancy, feel free to send us a computer-generated layout, but a simple pencil sketch will work just fine. 


On your sketch, please be sure to provide dimensions for:
⊗ Base cabinets
⊗ Wall cabinets
⊗ Island
⊗ Fume Hood
⊗ Other furniture (i.e. sinks, wash stations, faucets, etc.)Sketch of Laboratory for Laboratory Fume Hood and Cabinet placement.


Once your sketch is complete, send it to and he will provide you a quote. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (815)670-6400.



Custom Laboratory Cabinet Configurations
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Fume Hoods of all sizes are in stock and we can expedite the shipping process.
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