8′ Walk-In Fume Hood

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This high-quality, durable fume hood provides lab safety while efficiently saving energy and money. It features a safety glass sash and baffles for explosion protection, spill containment, and to exhaust hazardous particles.

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Fume Hood Exterior Dimensions:

Width: 96″ / 8′

Depth: 48″ / 4′

Height: 120″ / 10′


Work Area (Interior) Dimensions:

Width: 86.5″

Depth: 39.5″

Height: 114.5″

Door Opening: 86.5″ W x 103″ H


Fume Hood Accessories:

1 – Light on/off Switch

2 – LED Light

1 – AC Power Plug 120 v 20 amp

4 – Sliding doors


STOCK #: SLS – 013

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