6′ Fisher Hamilton SafeAire


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This high-quality, durable fume hood provides lab safety while efficiently saving energy and money. It features a safety glass sash and baffles for explosion protection, spill containment, and to exhaust hazardous particles.

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Fume Hood Exterior Dimensions:

Width: 72″

Depth: 32″

Height: 54″ (With Cabinets 89″)


Fume Hood Interior Dimensions:

Width: 63″

Depth: 24″

Height: 48″


Cabinet Dimensions:

(2) 36″ 2 Door / 2 Drawer Cabinet


Fume Hood Accessories:

3 Gas/Air Valve

1 Water Valves

Vertical/Horizontal Sliding Sash

Epoxy Resin countertops

Light on/off Switch (3) 110v AC Receptacles AC Power Plug


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