6′ Fisher Hamilton SafeAire w/ Acid & Base Cabinets


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Exterior Dimensions:
Height: 4′ 
Width: 6′
Depth: 2′-7″

Interior Dimensions:
Height: 3′
Width: 5′
Depth: 2′-11″

Fume Hood Accessories:
48” Twin Bulb Light
Baffle Operation Knob
1 Knob For CW with CW Valve
7 Empty Slots for Knobs and Valves
2 Light Switches
Total of 2 Outlets, 4 Plugins
Vertical Sash
Epoxy Top

Base Cabinets:

1.) 47” Acid 2 Door Base Cabinet with 2 Outlets
2.) 23” 1 Door 1 Outlet Base Cabinet


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