30′ Fisher Hamilton Laboratory Cabinets and Casework with Glass Upper Cabinets


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30′ Fisher Hamilton Laboratory Cabinets and Casework with Glass Upper Cabinets $10020.00



These have been removed from a facility that has moved. The casework and tops are in good condition.

Included are:

3 – 48″ 2 Door with Desk Cabinet
1 – 48″ Desk/Workstation
1 – 36″ Desk/Workstation
1 – 48″ 2 Door Cabinet
1 – 36″ Bookshelf
1 – 48″ Bookshelf

2 – 36″ 2 Glass Door Cabinet (36x37x16)
3 – 30″ 2 Glass Door Cabinet (30x37x16)

LOWER: 360″L x 35″H x 21-9/16″D

Fisher Hamilton Laboratory Casework Systems are your best resources for storage system planning.
We offer a wide range of casework and cabinets in the sizes and styles you need to complete your laboratory and storage room project.

Benefits of Having Steel Laboratory Cabinets:

Intended expressly for there long term demands of laboratory use, the painted steel construction offers many advantages. This product has been tested for excellence and has proven to be consistent in its application. The long-lasting finish is tough enough to last through years of cleaning and heavy use, with a steel exterior that is resilient. The sturdy welded steel sections are durable and will support heavy and costly equipment with ease.


Not exactly what your looking for?

Our custom design service will suit the most discriminating buyer. Our wide range of choices, solid construction and high-quality finishes allow you to design and create the perfect lab.

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