28′ Fisher Hamilton Cabinets


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These cabinets were recently removed from clean rooms in a food processing facility. They are an off-white putty color, but some of the photos may not show the true color because they were photographed in a dimly-lit room. We have a multitude of these cabinets in stock and ready to ship.

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We will help with shipping. There is no extra charge for prepping or loading.


Height: 36″
Depth: 21.5″

Cabinets Included, Pictured left to right:
1) 36″ 2 Door Sink Base

2) 30″ 4 Drawer 1 Door
3) 30″ 4 Drawer 1 Door
4) 48″ 4 Drawer 1 Door
5) 36″ 4 Drawer 1 Door
6) 48″ 4 Drawer 1 Door
7) 7.5″ Spacer
8) 48″ Desk Space
9) 29″ End Piece

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