6′ Hamilton SafeAire Fume Hood with Epoxy Counter Tops H035
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6′ Hamilton SafeAire Fume Hood with Epoxy Counter Tops

Price: $7,450.00

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Condition: Used
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Product Description

Outside Dimensions:

72” Wide x 32” Deep x 66” Tall

Inside Dimensions:

63” Wide x 23” Deep x 60” Tall


Fume Hood Accessories:

48″ Twin Bulb Light

Phoenix Controls Fume Hood Monitor

4 120v Outlets

Vertical Sliding Sash

1 Switch For Light

6 Control Knobs with 6 Valves for Air and Cold Water Control

Base Cabinets

All Cabinets are 35” Tall x 22” Deep

30″ 2 Door Corrosives Base Cabinet

30″ 2 Door Flammable Base Cabinet


Fume Hood Information:

A fume hood is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or noxious fumes, vapors or dusts. A fume hood is typically a large piece of equipment enclosing five sides of a work area, the bottom of which is most commonly located at a standing work height. Our Fume Hoods are specifically inspected for quality assurance to maintain a standard of quality with all of our used lab equipment. We sell many fume hoods, and are consistently getting like-new, used lab equipment.
Secondary functions of our Fume Hoods may include explosion protection, spill containment, and other functions necessary to the work being done within the Fume Hood.