Custom Configurations

National Laboratory Sales

In addition to the ready-to-ship Cabinet Groupings that you will find on our website, we have hundreds of Fume Hoods and thousands of feet of matching Laboratory Cabinets that are not listed and available for any size grouping.

If you have a simple drawing that shows the lengths of the cabinet runs, we can provide a quote. Once again, we have more than 4000′ of casework on hand. We can also provide, sinks, faucets, eye wash stations, wall cabinets and fume hoods.

Most of our customers find a cabinet group that we have listed on our website, but it is rarely an exact fit. If we are able to attain the measurements from an inquiry, then we can provide cabinets and countertops to fit their room(s) exactly as needed. There is little to no cost difference between purchasing a Cabinet Group that is currently listed vs. having us provide cabinets and countertops based on your requirements and drawings.

You can call or email us:
Hundreds of the same style and color
cabinets are in stock. Send us your
drawing and we will provide a quote.


Fume Hoods of all sizes are
in stock and we can expedite the shipping process.