How To Clean A Fume Hood: Frequency, Chemicals, and Type of Fume Hood

Cleaning frequency depends on the type of fume hood, chemicals, and processes used in the lab.

Corrosive chemicals may require more frequent cleaning, so follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The frequency of cleaning also depends on the type of process. High-volume processes with hazardous fumes require more frequent cleaning, such as working with high concentrations of acid

Use the right filter for the chemicals used in ductless fume hoods. Cleaning frequency depends on the volume and type of chemicals used.

Ducted fume hoods exhaust fumes out of the lab. Cleaning frequency may depends on the type of process and volume of chemicals used, but generally less frequent than ductless hoods.

Lab personnel should always wear the appropriate PPE when cleaning a fume hood. This will protect them from the chemicals.

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